lunedì 8 dicembre 2008


27 DICEMBRE ORE 10,30 e 29 DICEMBRE ORE 10,30

visita animata a casa Buonarroti per bambini dai 6 agli 11 anni
Tra pennelli e scalpelli Michelangelo racconta la sua vita, le sue opere e attenti a non farlo arrabbiare!
è previsto un biglietto ridotto al museo
per la visita è previsto un contributo di 8 euro a bambino

4 GENNAIO 2009 ORE 10,00

visita animata a palazzo Davanzati per bambini dai 6 agli 11 anni
La visita intende presentare in maniera spiritosa la vita quotidiana fra Trecento e Quattrocento dal punto di vista di un bambino …. molto impertinente!

l’ingresso a palazzo Davanzati è libero
per la visita è previsto un contributo di 8 euro a bambino

Le visite di Firenzesottosopra sono per tutti i bambini dai 6 agli 11 anni
e sono solo su prenotazione Info: o al 3494749331

venerdì 5 dicembre 2008

Tours in English and Spanish upon request

Firenzesottosopra is an educational art project conceived in 1998 b a group of passionate art historians, with high developed didactic skills. The aim of the project is to overcome the concept of a museum as a place of the static observation of artistic treasures in order to re-evaluate its significance as studying environment combining historical information and culture with creativity.

TOURS for children in Florence

Mythological Fables at the Uffizi/ Bargello Museum: Some paintings and sculptures allow children to become familiar with some of the most famous myths of the antiquity: Mercury, Perseus, Hercules…and more.
Tuesday to Sunday, according to the opening times of the museums, entrance fees required.

Walk and Play “ Guess Florence” : half way between a treasure hunt and a walking tour this visit concerns the most important sites in Florence (from the Cathedral to the Piazza Signoria) illustrated with puzzles, riddles, crosswords and memory games.
Every day, no entrance fees

Magic Gems or A history of portraits: Imagine portraits could speak and tell stories, or just imagine one as we did. A visit of the Palatine Gallery inside the Pitti palace focused on portraits.
Tuesday to Sunday according to Pitti opening times- entrance fees required

A house in Florence…500 years ago : what did people eat (and how)? how did they sleep, play, work or have fun Florentines in the Middle Ages and Renaissance through a visit inside Palazzo Davanzati or the Horne Museum.
Only am from Monday to Saturday, entrance fee for the Horne museum